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Still in progress?

Yep. Any updates will be posted on our website.

how long until the full release


I'm so happy you're eager Emma, the full release should hopefully be sometime next year.


if you need a hand with anything hmu I'm excited for the steam release

How many romanceable characters are there? 

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None, as this isn't a dating sim. The only character Aki will be dating is Megumi, but there are a lot of characters that you can hang out with.

how's the development progressing?

It's progressing okay. It paused for a bit because I needed time to get adjusted to a new location, but I should have a new demo out soon.

cant remeber if i asked this already but how much will it cost? also will it be on steam

It will cost around $5.99 and it will be Steam.


why is it 13 plus tho?

Mainly due to language and certain topics covered in the game.

Waiting for the full game

I'll work my hardest to deliver a full game you love!

any idea when the release will be I'm quite excited

I'm glad you're excited. It will hopefully sometime next year.


Finally something other than Doki Doki or Yandere Sim.The game looks promising but is it gonna be released on  Google play store or on a third party app store?if so will it be a paid game?

Haha! Variety is always good. 

Yes this will be released in the Google Play Store as a paid game, it won't be more than $5.00.

roads backround seem to cause the same issue as kitchen on android

The Android version was updated recently. Are you playing version 1.1?


Gotcha! I decided to apply the same fix to all backgrounds, so hopefully, it will work now. Please let me know if anything else is acting up.

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the demo always worked perfectly well on mac btw

will the final game be free

The final game will not be free, it will cost around $4.99.

will it be on steam?

Yep. The Steam page is coming soon.

expect some dumb fuck buying your game as soon as it releases

hmm... if i get it on steam how will i play on android lol

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how do i fix this problem? (Android)

Thanks for reporting the problem. I can't seem to replicate it myself, but see if redownloading the app fixes the problem.

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I redownloaded, it's still not fixed. Edit: Already redownloaded and reinstalled 2 times, still not working, i cant press ignore

I will look into it, and make an update if I need to.

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Ok, thanks! Hope it's easy to fix. The game looks promising and good btw!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I'll let you know once I find a fix.


DDLC warning right in the download page... I wonder


This game is very different than DDLC, but deals with similar themes.

please tell me it wont be fucking sad

Let's find out. 0_0



Love it!!!!! (pouts with sad face) I wanted MORE MORE LOL!!! This is for real one of my top fav Vn's on itcho...100/10 stars for sure

Thank you so much!!